Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best Airline Credit Card

Have you Chosen the Best Airline Credit Card?

The whole world and their sweetheart use airline credit cards, but are you sure that you are using the best possible airline credit card? Think about it, the difference between just any airline credit card and the THE perfect one is pretty much like the difference between all the people you dated and THE one you finally married. Airline miles credit cards come a dime a dozen, so if you really want one to work for you, you have to be sure you selected the perfect card.

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For example, the first thing you may want to check is its pedigree – which retailer accepts the card you use? Does your favorite retailer use it? Do they offer any additional schemes and rewards which will help you notch up air miles or points? Do a thorough survey. Visit your supermarkets, neighborhood retail shops, check out their brochures, phone them, do a full analysis before you buy your airline miles credit cards.

In case you see you can get a better offer from another card, negotiate with the current company. More often than not, you will see they prefer to keep your business rather than lose you to the competition. And who knows, you may even land up getting a better deal on your current airline credit card than you ever imagined.

Balance Transfer on your Airline Credit Cards
Yes, it is possible. To get this offer, just ask your sales rep. Many companies will allow you; even tempt you, with balance transfers. Not only will you get a lower rate of interest but also, you may jack up your frequent flyer miles. What’s more, if your retailer partners with this card, then you have a winner on your hands. Therefore, the real trick lies in doing your homework.

The Fine Print of an Airline Credit Card
Have you seen if the black out dates on a card tallies with your comfort? Suppose you wish to redeem your air miles and then you realize that you have fallen outside the black out date, it will be a real pity. Therefore, it is better to check the small details of a card before you select it or even while you are using it.

Have you inspected the extra bells and whistles? For example, does your card also offer discounts on car rentals? Or perhaps some travel insurance? Does your airline credit card offer competitive rates? Check if they will offer emergency cash to you on the spot, or perhaps roadside assistance should your vehicle face a breakdown or an accident.

Airline Credit Card Fees
While some cards can look tempting with their lower fees or minimal interest rate structures, the point always is – what do you want? For example, if you have a high-flying job with a multi-national company then you may opt for a card that offers generous air miles because your continent hopping lifestyle will reimburse the extra annual fees they charge. Alternatively, if you are self–employed, then a card with a low sign-up fee and a slightly lower air miles offer might be ideal for you.

So shop around for the best possible airline credit card that works for you – check the annual fees of a number of cards, narrow it down to a select few by comparing the rewards they offer. Select the final three airline miles credit cards by reading similar articles like these, so that you are knowledgeable about what you want and then, finally, pick the winner. You will soon realize that the best airline credit cards will get you where you wish to go

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